It’s just a half…

This past weekend my friends and I traveled to Charleston, SC, for the Charleston Half Marathon…a 36 hour adventure for half marathon number 14. I was undertrained and spent most of the past week sick. Luckily I felt a little better before we left so I rallied and off we went.

The drive was fun aside from the rain and stupid left lane drivers. ☹️ Dawn and Rainey are great travel buddies and we made it to the expo in time to meet up with the rest of the RVA crew.

Saturday morning was COLD. Cold and WINDY! We waited in the hotel lobby until the last possible minute before heading out to the start line. I’m not going to lie…we got about 10 steps outside of the hotel and I wanted to turn around and go back. I do not handle the cold well.

Realizing that I wasn’t in the best shape for this race I started out at what I thought was a reasonable pace for me. I didn’t want to go out too fast. The first two miles were a bit tedious as always but as I approached mile three I realized that my breathing wasn’t easy and I couldn’t seem to settle in. By mile 5 I was struggling a bit and took a short walk break to fuel and catch my breath. The rest of the race would be a push just to finish.

There was a stretch around miles 7-9 that was brutal. I was having to walk more at that point and the headwind was so strong at times that I felt like I was suffocating. I was cold and wanted to be anywhere but in the middle of that race. The dark thoughts were consuming…”would it be so bad to quit?”…”who could I catch a ride with to the finish line?”…”why do I do this?” I started having flashbacks to the Philly Love Run from last year. That race was by far the most miserable I have ever been running because of the cold and wind and I felt like I was right back there. The only thing I could do was push forward.

Somewhere around mile 11-12 the lead marathon runner came by. This has happened to me before and can be somewhat defeating. You are struggling at the end of your race and someone who has run twice as far as you in the same time comes flying by seemingly effortlessly. For some strange reason seeing that actually propelled me forward. I somehow was able to move myself with more ease than any of the past 6 miles. I crossed the finish line…FINALLY!

There weren’t many pictures during this race. I was cold and tired. I did manage to snap one around mile three. So pretty…

I knew going in that I was underprepared and that this race wouldn’t be my best. I don’t think I was prepared for how bad I would feel. I think once you’ve run a good amount of these races, you sometimes lose sight of how tough they can be and just how much preparation goes into training. Winter training is rough. I admit I thought…it’s just a half- you can do it. While that is true and I did finish I took away two good lessons from this:

1. I really don’t like racing in the cold and I really need to start wearing more layers when I do.

2. I need to train more in the winter. Period.

Here’s to medal Monday and Half Marathon number 14. It was brutal but it’s done. I had a blast with my friends…and who doesn’t love a little sparkle on their bling?…


I’m an INKnBURN Ambassador!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m the girl with the fun running clothes. I discovered INKnBURN about two years ago and fell in love! ❤️ Funky designs on workout clothes…literally art in motion. As someone who tends to be a solid middle of the packer, one of my mottos is “Have fun.” What better way to have fun than to have the ability to express yourself through your clothes.

I love how INKnBURN can totally transform my outlook on a run or a work out. Not feeling so fierce? Throw on a little Run or Die Warrior or Scurvy…

Feeling festive?…well there are entirely too many choices there. 😜

Sometimes it’s just a favorite combo that makes you feel like you can conquer the world…

Probably the best part of discovering INKnBURN are the friendships I’ve developed along the way…

I am beyond excited to represent a brand that I already LOVE!!! Here’s to more fun, friendships and adventures in 2018!


Jump in…the water is warm.

Welcome to my first adventure in blogging…

As 2017 is coming to a close, I’ve been thinking about what my goals are for 2018. I’ve struggled a bit more this year in deciding what I want those goals to be. Last year was a big year for me. I ran my first two relays including Ragnar Cape Cod. What an amazing race with some awesome views and even better teammates.


I also made my yearly trip back to my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, for Run the Bluegrass. I absolutely LOVE that race. The views are breathtaking- rolling fields of bluegrass and historic horse farms. If you’re lucky, the horses will join you on your journey. 😜 I also got to meet some fellow INKnBURN fanatics there.


One of the hardest races of 2017 was the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa, FL. 4 races in one weekend totaling over 30 miles. We all left Florida with a load of medals, new blisters and amazing memories.  I even got to meet Meb!

2017 ended with a new Half Marathon PR!  I worked my tail off all fall to improve my speed and stamina. The Peloton bike was a huge part of that. I can’t recommend that bike highly enough!


2017 was full of excitement. Great trips, new races and a huge PR. Because of that, it’s been difficult to decide what my 2018 goals are. I’ve thought about this a lot, and my 2018 goals will be:

1: PR a 5k. I know this sounds small, but my 5k time is still SLOW.

2: PR Pink Power Triathlon. I really want to get better at this. The swim ALWAYS scares me. Time to get over that.

3: Run a trail Ragnar. This doesn’t seem like it should be a goal for most people, but I have some serious fears of this. Again…time to get over it.

4: Work on my arm/upper body strength. I still have goals to complete a Spartan Race and I have a ton of work to do in this area to get there.

As far as November goes here in Richmond, I still don’t know if I will run the half or the full marathon this year. One of my final goals for 2018 is to enjoy the year and be a little more fluid with my decisions….to allow myself the ability to choose what I want and need at that point in the year.

So 2018…you have a lot to live up to.  Let’s do this.


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